Your Bail Options

The idea that you can get out of jail by paying bail is simple enough on paper, but becomes far more convoluted in real life. For people who’ve never been involved with the criminal justice system in Florida, there are a lot of questions to be asked and answered. For instance, many people are confused if they’ll have to stay in jail if they can’t pay the full amount of their bail. Do they run out of bail options in this case?

They don’t bail bondsmen and bail bond companies exist to take care of this problem. These companies will pay your bail on the condition that you show up to court every time that you’re required to.


What Happens After Arrest

Once you’re arrested and been booked, you’ll be faced with 3 scenarios:

  • You’ll be released without needing to pay anything, and you’ll be given a written notice
  • You’ll be released if you pay the bail fixed
  • You’ll be held until you’re called to court for a bail hearing

The decision from there on is taken by the State. More serious crimes, such as murder, mean you don’t get a shot at bail.


The Conditions for Bail

Although the court will let you go once your bail is paid, you’ll have to agree to some conditions. These include checking in with pre-trial lawmen, get employed, and steer clear of substance abuse.


Restrictions include travel (you can’t leave your immediate area), you can’t carry a firearm, and you’ll be apprehended without pause if you engage in more misdemeanors.


Your Options

You can pay (or have someone pay) to get you out through a number of ways. The first is a cash bond, which can be paid by anyone on your behalf. The state decides the amount, and the state releases you once the amount is paid.


Bail Bonds

Bail bond companies like Engel Bail Bonds Sanford in Florida are enterprises which pay your bail amount for you. You basically pay us a small fee and we’re the surety, the middleman. We ensure that you show up in court. You can know more about us or get in touch with us straight away.

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