What Not to Do When You’re out on Bail

So you’re out of jail, thanks to the timely services of a bail bond agent. You now have a chance to build a case for yourself and fight for your freedom. Bail is your opportunity to make amends and move past your arrest.


Your behavior on bail heavily impacts the strength of your case. As someone who’s out on bail, you should be very clear about acceptable and unacceptable behavior.


Here’s what not to do when you’re out on bail:


Don’t Get In Trouble with the Law Again

You’d think it’s obvious that getting involved in illegal activities when on bail is a huge mistake but it’s quite common. The last thing you want to do when you’re out on bail is to get in trouble with the law again. No matter how good a lawyer you hire, they’re going to have a hard time explaining to the judge why you’re constantly getting in trouble.


Addicts are most prone to getting arrested on bail, in fact in the US, every 20 seconds someone is arrested for drug law violations.

When you get arrested again, it’s highly unlikely that the judge will let you out on bail again. You’ll now have two cases to prepare for which in turn will make your life much harder.


Don’t Ignore Your Lawyer


Bail was created to give defendants the opportunity to build and present a strong case for themselves in court. Being out on bail gives you easier access to your lawyer. Instead of waiting around for them to make their way to meet you in jail, you’re free to approach them whenever you need.


Once you hire a lawyer, it’s their job to get you out. They have your best interest in mind which means you have to pay attention to what they’re saying and listen to their advice.


Don’t avoid their calls and be completely honest with them.


Don’t Avoid Your Bail Bonds Agent


Bail bonds agents step up to help you in your time of need and now it’s your turn to keep your side of the deal. When a bail bond agent pays on your behalf, you’ve entered a contract with them. It’s your bail bond agent’s job to make sure that you make it to all your court hearing and ensure you’re doing your part to prove that you’re a responsible citizen.


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