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Arrest and Bail: The Procedure

Charged and booked, you can still get out of jail by either paying a bail bondsman or getting someone to pay it for you. It’s fairly common knowledge that arrests aren’t the end of life and that for a sum of money anyone can wriggle out.

Sanford Bail Bonds Service, Your Bail Options

The idea that you can get out of jail by paying bail is simple enough on paper, but becomes far more convoluted in real life. For people who’ve never been involved with the criminal justice system in Florida, there are a lot of questions to be asked and answered. For instance, many people are confused if they’ll have to stay in jail if they can’t pay the full amount of their bail. Do they run out of bail options in this case?

What Not to Do When You’re out on Bail

So you’re out of jail, thanks to the timely services of a bail bond agent. You now have a chance to build a case for yourself and fight for your freedom. Bail is your opportunity to make amends and move past your arrest.

Conditional Vs Unconditional Bail Bonds

Simply speaking, the bail is an agreement between the defendant and the court in which the court agrees to give a pretrial release to the defendant in exchange of their promise to attend all the scheduled trial meetings in court.

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